Breathable Exterior Paints

Ralston contributes to a sustainable future without compromising the quality of its paint. Ralson's bio-based formula does not contain plastic which will allow your walls to breathe, and are available in Siloxan Matt or Siloxan Primer paints.

Siloxan Matt is a premium quality 'breathable paint' with a perfect matt finish.

✔ Ideal for external use on both new and older buildings(including Lime Mortar)

✔ Weather-resistant with anti-algae and anti-moss properties

✔ Easy to clean

Siloxan Primer is a wall primer and sealant for exterior and interior use on previously unpainted surfaces.

✔ Excellent surface penetration and is vapour permeable, a ‘breathable’ primer

✔ Improves adhesion, and it helps to increase the paint coverage of your top coat

✔ Specifically for use with Siloxan Matt to ensure breathability is maintained

Please Note: Paint colours on-screen may vary from actual paint. If unsure, we advise purchasing a colour tester to ensure you are happy with your choice. Our tinted products are made to order and are therefore non returnable.