Ralston offers premium high-tech, environmentally friendly paints with cutting-edge technology. While all our Ralston products are water-based, Ralston's BIOseries are sustainably produced and based on renewable organic material. Even the packaging is made from 100% recycled material. In short, Ralston's BIOseries contains raw materials that: Can grow back within the lifetime of the paint; Are extracted from inexhaustible source; Are produced responsibly; Are not detrimental to the food chain.

ExtraTex Matt and ExtraTex Satin are part of Ralston's BIOseries. Colour Prime is a wall primer suitable for interior & exterior use. ExtraTex Matt and Satin are premium VOC-free internal wall emulsions with excellent scrub resistance and low odour.

Please Note: Paint colours on-screen may vary from actual paint. If unsure, we advise purchasing a colour tester to ensure you are happy with your choice. Our tinted products are made to order and are therefore non returnable.