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The luxury Heritage colours are available in a wide range of finishes to enable you to select the right paint for your home. The 112 beautiful shades have been expertly curated by Dulux colourists and are displayed to ease colour selection.

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Curating a Five-Colour Palette for Your Home

Choosing a colour for one room is tricky enough but selecting colours for your whole house can be downright daunting! So, what can you do to find colours that work throughout the entire house? Our friends at Dulux Heritage have created a handy process that takes the stress out of the colour selection process. Their five-colour palette will provide you with a complete blueprint so you can make decorating decisions more easily.

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The Finest Quality Paint

Heritage has been specially curated to blend classic colours from the past with contemporary trends to bring timeless style to every home. In addition, the Heritage collection is available in two high-quality finishes:

  • Velvet Matt: for a soft-to-touch finish on walls.
  • Eggshell: for stunningly smooth woodwork and metal.

Heritage by Dulux

Dulux Heritage contains the perfect balance of colours sympathetic to the past but combined with the most popular, contemporary shades that make beautiful interiors accessible to everyone.

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Need Some Colour Advice?

We know that decorating your home or business can become overwhelming at times and with so many choices in colours, brands and finishes, it can be daunting! We’re here to help which is why we’d like to offer you a Free In-store Colour Consultation.

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Please Note: Paint colours on-screen may vary from actual paint. If unsure, we advise purchasing a colour tester to ensure you are happy with your choice. Our tinted products are made to order and are therefore non returnable.