Issaline Chem Coverall with Hood

Code: CLS00017

The Issaline Chem Coverall with Hood are disposable overalls with a zipper covered by a flap to prevent the entry of toxic dust. Designed to provide optimal protection against splashes and hazardous dust, this disposable Hooded Boiler Suit is ideal for decorating, spray painting, cleaning dirty lofts etc.

Made from breathable materials, this suit has many features to ensure your comfort and protection, including a zip front, elasticated wrists and ankles, and a 3-piece hood.

  • ✔ Disposable Overalls/PPE
  • ✔ CAT. III Type 5,6 - Reg. EU2016/425
  • ✔ Composition: Microporous film - polypropylene and polyethylene
  • ✔ Sizes: M-L-XL
  • ✔ Colour: White
  • ✔ Single Pack
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